Preventing Accidents at Work with Trailers

People are killed and seriously injured each year at work as a result of not using trailers safely. We have put together some tips that we hope you will find useful and help prevent accidents.

Useful Tips

  • Do-not place heavy loads behind the axel because it will cause trailer snaking which is very dangerous for yourself and other road users.

  • Ensure the hitch is locked on the ball and that the correct size ball is being used.

  • Check that the safety cables/chains are securely connected.

  • Make sure the electrical connection is plugged in and secured.

  • Make sure the breakaway system is connected and secured.

  • Check lights for the brakes and turn signals, as well as running and perimeter lights.

  • Test the brake controller to ensure that it’s working properly.

  • Secure and latch all trailer doors.

Training Courses

Towing Solutions offer a full practical training course that will help prevent accidents at work including:

  • Pre-towing inspection routine

  • Safe loading and overhangs

  • Snaking and instability control

  • Reversing

  • Safe manouvering

A certificate of achievement is awarded by the National Trailer & Towing Association which is the leading body within the UK towing industry.

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