Horsebox Towing Course

Whether you have a weekend evening away or need to transfer your horse for other reasons, being confident that your horse is being kept safe and comfortable by using good towing skills will allow you and your horse to arrive at your destination relaxed and ready to ride.

Taking your horse on the road can be a stressful experience. It is not just the maneuvering and reversing of the horsebox itself or the experience of driving on motorways and highways that can leave you on edge, it is the worry that your horse is as safe and as comfortable as possible. It is our job to give you the skills to make sure this happens and that you dive away with confidence.

Designed For:

Horse and horsebox  owners who would like to learn about towing a horsebox safely on the road and reverse it with confidence

The morning or afternoon course includes both off-road and road-work training and is generally delivered on a one to one basis. 

You will learn how to travel safely on the road and negotiate different types of junctions without stress. Relevant UK towing law will be explained with regard to speed limits, motorway rules etc and all delegates will receive a basic understanding of defensive driving and health & safety issues.


Our courses are designed to suit you and while we provide a structured training session for you to follow, if you need to focus on a particular area, we are happy to factor these requirements into the training

This is a hands-on,  practical driving course which you can take using your own horsebox and car. And if you don't have a horsebox yet or want some experience of towing before taking the plunge, Towing Solutions has a boxed trailer you can use and a vehicle available for hire if required.

So if you want to negotiate roads and junctions without stress, reverse with confidence and be clear about relevant towing law, this is the course for you.



Course Content

  • Health & Safety 
  • Relevant towing law
  • Simple and effective pre-towing inspection routine
  • Hitching up - as a team and solo
  • Snaking and instability control
  • Reversing
  • Safe manoeuvring
  • Planned driving strategy


For more information on the course or dates we have available, please use our contact form or call 01625 433251

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